Increase transduction efficiency with receptor boosters

Receptor Boosters are used to temporarily elevate the density of viral receptor proteins on the surface of any target cell that you wish to infect. The Ecotropic Receptor Booster, for example, allows you to efficiently transduce human cells with ecotropic retrovirus or lentivirus that otherwise could only infect rodent cells. In fact, the technology also allows you to increase the infection efficiency of any type of cells that are resistant to viral infection. More product information >>

Transduction of human cells with ecotropic lentivirus. HT1080 cells (human fibrosarcoma cell line) were plated in 6-well plates 24 hr prior to transduction and incubated with Ecotropic Receptor Booster (10 µl) for 2 hr. Cells were then transduced with Lenti-X ZsGreen1 lentivirus (MOI=~15) and assayed 48 hr later for ZsGreen1 expression. Lentiviral supernatant was produced using our Lenti-X Ecotropic Packaging System.

Cat. # Product Package Size Price
631471 Ecotropic Receptor Booster 20 Rxns $245.00
631251 Lenti-X™ HTX Ecotropic Packaging System 20 Rxns $876.00

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