Webinar Series on Tet technology

Takara Bio Europe and TET Systems are together hosting a series of four webinars on the Tet Technology in the first half of December 2012. This webinar series aims to provide additional insights into how to best use the Tet technology for controlling gene expression in eukaryotes.

Part 2: Controlling Gene Expression in transgenic mice

Dr. Kai Schönig, Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim, Germany

Abstract: The focus of this webinar is on the use of Tet technology in transgenic mice. Options on how to set up the Tet inducible system in mice will be discussed. Dr. Schönig will also present a number of in vivo applications which demonstrate the potential of this powerful technology.

Part 3: Tet system: selected applications

Dr. Manfred Gossen, BCRT, Berlin, Germany

Abstract: In the third webinar, Dr. Gossen is focusing on applications of particular interest including conditional RNA interference, the generation of packaging cell lines for virus production and ‘High Throughput Screening’ systems.

Part 4: Getting started with Tet-inducible gene expression - Choosing the right system for your application

Dr. Michael Elser, Product Manager, Clontech/Takara Bio Europe, France

Abstract: The last webinar of the series will guide researchers wishing to establish a Tet-inducible system through the different options available. Dr. Elser will present a typical experimental setup and the steps necessary to achieve optimal performance. He will also address some common pitfalls and how to circumvent them.

Part 1: Studying the Function of Genes by Controlling their Expression

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hermann Bujard, University of Heidelberg, Germany

Abstract: This webinar will give an introduction to the underlying principles of the Tet technology and the concept of gene regulation by tetracyclines. Professor Bujard will also discuss the development of the Tet Systems components over time and their advantages as well as giving a review of results obtained by using the technology in transgenic mice.

The Tet technology consists of a chimeric transactivator protein and a Tet-specific promoter which the transactivator binds to in response to the presence (Tet-On®) or absence (Tet-Off®) of the tetracycline analogue doxycycline. The Tet systems turn the expression of a gene of interest on or off at will, in a dose-dependent and reversible manner. In particular, the fully reversible nature of the Tet technology has enabled breakthrough insights into mechanisms of learning in animals by the Kandel group, and in the field of oncology. Other recent applications include the expression of inhibitory RNAs, and inducible pluripotent stem cells.

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