Lentiviral Titration Kits

Lenti-X™ GoStix™—Instant Titration

  • Get a YES or NO in only 30 seconds

  • Distinguish between good and bad preps

  • Know when to harvest lentiviral supernatants

Apply 20 μl of your lentiviral supernatant to the sample well, add 4 drops of buffer, and wait for the indicator bands to appear. Two bands mean you have ≥ 5 × 105 IFU/ml.

Lenti-X p24 Rapid Titer Kit

  • Fast and easy ELISA-based titration protocol

  • Collect supernatant, lyse, bind, wash, and detect

  • Correlate p24 capsid protein content to virus

Lentiviral supernatant is bound to anti-p24 coated wells and detected using a combination of biotinylated anti-p24 secondary antibody, streptavidin-HRP, and a development reagent.

Lenti-X qRT-PCR Titration Kit

  • Fast and accurate titration using SYBR® Green chemistry

  • Harvest, titer, and infect in one day

  • Obtain results in 4 hr

Set up the qRT-PCR reaction with purified RNA from harvested lentiviral supernatant. Determine the viral genome content from a calibrated RNA standard curve.

Lenti-X Provirus Quantification Kit

  • Rapidly measure copy number of integrated lentivirus (provirus)

  • Determine accurate effective lentivirus titer

  • Compare transduction data across multiple cell lines

Quantify the number of lentiviruses that have integrated into the nuclear DNA of your target cells using a SYBR Green-based qPCR reaction.

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