Lentiviral Transduction Enhancers

Lenti-X™ Accelerator
Fast and highly efficient transduction

  • Magnetic bead-based—no polybrene

  • For lentivirus & MMLV retrovirus

  • Ideal for sensitive cell types (e.g. stem cells)

  • Transduction time of 5 min

RetroNectin® Reagent
Transduction of hard-to-infect cell types

Use RetroNectin-coated tissue culture plates to enhance lentivirus-mediated gene transduction into mammalian cells. The
multivalent RetroNectin peptide allows for simultaneous binding of cells and lentivirus (LV), bringing them into close physical proximity. The RGDS-containing domain (green) binds the cell surface integrin receptor VLA-5, the heparin-binding domain binds many types of virus particles, and the CS-1 sequence (orange) binds the VLA-4 cellular integrin receptor.

  • Multivalent molecule simultaneously binds virus particles and cell surface proteins

  • Widely used for hematopoietic cells and stem cells

  • Increased transduction of hard-to-infect cells

With the Lenti-X Accelerator, a magnetic field concentrates virus-bound magnetic beads at the cell monolayer surface. This reduces the exposure time of sensitive target cells to viral supernatant to just 5 min—compared to overnight transduction with polybrene. The Lenti-X Accelerator starter kit includes a magnetic plate.

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