Tet webinar series - Part 3

Tet system: selected applications

Dr. Manfred Gossen, BCRT, Berlin, Germany

Dr. Gossen


In the third webinar, Dr. Gossen is focusing on applications of particular interest including conditional RNA interference, the generation of packaging cell lines for virus production and ‘High Throughput Screening’ systems.

About the speaker

Manfred Gossen is co-inventor of the Tet technology. He started his studies in Bonn, Germany before moving to Heidelberg, where he joined Prof. Bujard’s research group at the Center for Molecular Biology, University of Heidelberg. During research on his PhD thesis into the use of prokaryotic transcription elements for control of gene expression in higher eukaryotes, he developed the original Tet system (Tet-Off). Together with Hermann Bujard, he also contributed over the years to improvements of the available reagents which are sold by Clontech and Takara Bio Europe. Dr. Gossen currently heads the research group on Genetic Engineering at the “BCRT” in Berlin.

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