Nothing is simpler than cloning using In-Fusion. The Adeno-X Adenoviral System 3 is the only commercially available adenoviral gene delivery system that allows you to clone directly into the adenoviral plasmid without having to use a shuttle vector first. Simply amplify your gene using PCR and the In-Fusion Enzyme will do the rest.

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Clone into adenovirus just like any other plasmid!

Until now the main drawback of commercially supplied adenoviral vector systems has been the need to use complex cloning procedures to overcome the difficulties with cloning into large (~34 kb) plasmids. At Clontech, our Adeno-X™ virologists thought "wouldn't it be great if you could clone directly into the adenoviral plasmid just like any plasmid?" They then harnessed the power of In-Fusion® HD cloning technology to make this happen.


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